During 2017, 165 tax evasion schemes by businesses were uncovered across the country and referred for further investigation by the prosecution. 

According to official data from the General Directorate Of Taxation, the fraudulent accounting systems used by the business had a negative impact of 6.2 billion lek on the state budget in total. 

228 people are under investigation for these matters. Based on evidence uncovered during the tax investigation, they are suspected of creating the fraudulent schemes and of tax evasion. 

At this stage, none have been convicted and continue to be investigated whilst free. 

The tax investigation has determined that the most common cases of abuses have been especially the non-payment of taxes, concealment of income and in creating fraudulent VAT schemes.

Creating fictitious schemes for obtaining VAT reimbursement also has the highest number of collaborators with 73 people suspected of committing such an act, to a total value of 1.3billion lek.

The tax evasion crime which has been determined to have caused the most significant damage to the state budget was non-payment of taxes valuing 3 billion lek, followed by the concealment of income. 

The investigation also uncovered, among other things, instances of illegal employment. 

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