The Prosecution of Serious Crimes continues with action relating to the Tahiri file. 

Along with the letters that are expected to come from Italy and Greece, the Investigative Group of Serious Crimes has called this Monday to interrogate one of the former minister's bodyguards.

For about three hours, Elvis Rexha has answered questions from prosecutor Dritan Prenci, while earlier, the former minister's driver was interrogated.

Also this Monday, two police effectives of the Vlora Police Station, as well as some people from the village of Gjorm, were taken into questions at the Prosecution of Serious Crimes. 

The interrogation of the former minister's bodyguard comes at a time when the Prosecution of Serious Crimes nearing the completion of the investigation over the file relating to Saimir Tahiri.

On April 12th, the Serious Crimes Prosecution extended the deadline of the investigation by a further three months. This is the second time the prosecution has extended the term of the investigation into the Interior Minister. 

Tahiri is suspected of supporting the Habilaj drug trafficking group, with most of the members of this group having been arrested in Italy. 

The Serious Crimes Unit are awaiting letters from Greece and Italy relating to the movements of Tahiri's car, as it has been accused that the Habilaj group used travelled using this vehicle.