The group of four prosecutors has decided to postpone the investigation for former Interior Minister Sajmir Tahiri until January 17th.

The case was reviewed this Monday morning at the Serious Crimes Prosecution Office where the file was analyzed with the elements assembled so far.

In conclusion, it is said that the three-month delay will serve to administer the letter of reply letter that has been launched to Italy and Montenegro.

But the review of the property verifications will continue.

The file lists the arguments of the investigation.

The investigations carried out show that the citizen under investigation, Moisi Habilaj, and his associates, have collaborated with senior state police officials, with the former Interior Minister, Saimir Tahiri under investigation.

From the investigations carried out, it results that the citizen under investigation Moisi Habilaj and his associates have collaborated with senior state police officers, where as suspect is the former Interior Minister under investigation Saimir Tahiri.

"The person under investigation, Moisi Habilaj, in collaboration with other persons has benefited from tribal ties with the former interior minister. 

“The concessions given to him have managed to enable the cultivation of considerable quantities of narcotic substances, and their transportation, and allowing the organization of its arrival at destinations abroad," states investigation documents. 

Even prosecutors say they suspect that Saimir Tahiri knew and protected criminals.

Tahiri was accused by the opposition as being involved in narcotics trafficking.

This is after the release of the Habilaj group tapping in Italy, where his name was mentioned as the person who supported them.

In statements to the media, the Democratic Party accused Saimir Tahiri of having traveled with Habilaj to Greece, with a vehicle that he has since sold.

Another accusation was regarding yacht trip taken by Tahiri on the Black Sea.

For his part, the former minister has objected to the charges, while handing over the mandate of the MP where he demanded a full investigation by the Prosecution.