The latest protest by the opposition made all the difference for the many that were present.

Participants from across the districts placed the license plate number from the car the former Interior Minister, Saimir Tahiri's car sold to the Habilaj brothers on their cars and vans.

The vehicle with license plate AA003GB, according to interceptions by the Italian prosecutor's office, has since been used for the purpose of narcotics trafficking.

A special inclusion in today's protest was also a giant crown of cannabis leaves spanning a 2 meter diameter and featuring portraits of Edi Rama, Saimir Tahiri, Moisi Habilaj, Emiljano Shullazi, Lul Berisha and Klement Balili.

Many chose to dress as figures who are known to be related to crime wearing prison uniforms.

The SMI youth chose baking pans with photos of Prime Minister, Edi Rama inside as their symbol of protest.

Brooms also featured as a symbol of protest, with young Democrats declaring they will sweep Edi Rama out of government.