The Mayor of Shkodra, Voltana Ademi, has referred to the decision, made by the Council of Ministers to prohibit municipalities from initiating any procurement procedures between June 1 and 30, as illegal and unconstitutional.

Speaking to journalists, Ademi said this would be a good case to bring it to the Constitutional Court, but given the absence of this institution, she appealed to the Prime Minister and the government to revoke the decision.

“First, the decision by the Council of Ministers is unlawful. Second, it comes without any warning.

“Only in a civil or economic emergency can such a decision be made," said Ademi.

The Mayor of Shkodra stressed that the government's decision violates at least four laws and the European Charter on Local Self-Government and, above all, it blocks the work of the municipalities.

“It is an unconstitutional decision, contrary to the functional law of the local government, contrary to the law on local finances, contrary to the law on the state budget and contrary to the European Charter for Local Autonomy.

“Unfortunately, we have no Constitutional Court.

“I should be able to go to the Constitutional Court, as they are the only authority to whom I can appeal this decision made by the Council of Ministers.

“I do not have this opportunity because this institution is non-functional. As such, I have decided to make this fact public and informed all the European chancellery and institutions.

“After 24 hours, the Council of Ministers altered the decision by changing only two things and the result has not made their decision any less unlawful.

“Rather than implementing the change immediately, as of Monday of this week, they decided June 1 would be the date when the work of all municipalities across Albania would be blocked.

“It is not the case of disrupting the mayors, but the development of cities and services for the citizens.

“Vlora, Elbasan, Durrës, Tirana, Shkodra, Berat, Fier would be all be blocked from development. From the communication I’ve had with the mayors, there was a negative reaction,” warned Ademi.

“It's hard! We will all be blocked in our everyday work, even for the services that are basic. This decision makes our lives very difficult.

“Now, the decision comes into force on June 1. Again, we are faced with an unconstitutional situation.

“I have asked the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers to overturn this decision. In my opinion, it should never have existed,” concluded Voltana Ademi.

Ademi remains the only mayor who has so far publicly reacted to thw decision by the Council of Ministers, which, after being published in the official notebook, will have its final draft developed and implemented.