In the canyon of Holtë, construction on the hydroelectric power station has been temporarily suspended.

Both Ministers Blendi Klosi and Belinda Balluku have informed the residents about the decision, many of whom opposed the project and called for its cancellation.

But during a public hearing, the Minister of Infrastructure, Belinda Balluku did not mention the word cancellation:

“The workings here have been suspended,” she stated.

Belinda Balluku said the government supports the investments but the public's interest, in this case, is more important. Infrastructure Minister Balluku said that the works will be resumed only after a verification process proves that there will be no damage inflicted upon the environment.

According to residents, the construction of the hydroelectric power station would no longer leave water for land or livestock. But the company argues that it has implemented all the procedures to prevent this.

“We will lack the water for irrigation and for livestock,” complained one inhabitant.

Even the head of the Ministry of Environment Blendi Klosi emphasized that Holta is a tourism priority area.

“We support the development of tourism and the green economy. We will take the right positions,” stated Klosi.

But the deputy of the area, Taulant Balla, took a tougher stance and promised that he would not allow any destruction to the area.

For several days now, environmentalists and citizens have been protesting all while demanding the annulment of the project for the construction of the hydroelectric power station in the Holtë canyon.