The presidency has responded to the allegations and reactions of the Socialist Party following the decision to return the law for the new theatre back for reconsideration by the Assembly.

In the announcement from the President's spokesperson, it is said that the head of state, Ilir Meta, is following the political reactions after the decision, and expresses regret for statements that he determines as emotional and superficial.

Attached to the reaction, the president lists once again his reasoning as to why he refused the law, inviting all those who are concerned to read them carefully.

The President of the Republic is convinced that, if all will be led only by the national and public interest, the preservation of the theater complex and its restoration is part of the national heritage. 

Also the construction of the new theater must be guaranteed in the most transparent way and with more responsibility in respect of the current legislation, avoiding any artificial conflict.

The president argues that the law on the new National Theatre building is not in compliance with constitutional principles, nor international acts which the Republic of Albania adheres to or has ratified; and goes against the spirit of the legal system through which Albanian society has been developed.