The desire to emigrate outside the borders of Albania has never been so strong among student youth. The issues manifested in last December’s Student Protests have raised new concerns for many of them, encouraging them to take any opportunity to leave the country.

According to high school students, the reasons why they do not want to study in Albania relates first and foremost to corruption and learning conditions.

This weekend, future students chose to attend the Italian University fair to find new opportunities outside of Albania. According to the organizers of the event, the interest of young people in Albania is growing.

There is a tremendous interest among the student population to study in Italy where conditions are comparatively much better than in their home country, but above all, many are seeking specialties that are not found in Albania.

Italy is one of the countries that accept most Albanian high school students to attend their university system but as of lately, Germany and other countries are also being seen as opportunity centers for higher education. According to data, every year, at least 24 thousand youth apply to continue their studies abroad.