Today, the students at the Faculty of Economics decided to boycott lessons once again and released a video conveying the irony of the Faculty being void of students and instruction, where they alluded to the absurdity that more money has been spent on guards and luxury services than on fixing the real problems of Faculty, such as chairs and tables.

On the other hand, there are also many students who have not joined the boycott and demanded their lessons.

At the Faculty of Law, students chose to alter the Albanian National Anthem by highlighting their requirements and many students have claimed to have received threats over this.

At the Aleksandër Xhuvani University in Durrës, the barricade of students in the Faculty continues.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister, Besa Shahini, urged students not to block the university offices of administration.

She said: “This is important and I call upon both universities and students who are protesting in these faculties to allow administrative work and the presence of officials from the Ministry of Education to help clarify the questions you have.

“In cases where administration officials do not work, we are unable to get the right information about the students’ lists, including vital information on those who are to be beneficiaries of scholarships and those who will benefit from the exemptions of student fees; not allowing us to do our job delays the process for everyone.

“So once again, I invite all students who are blocking the administration officials to allow them to fulfill their duties, because it is important to implement the Decision by the Council of Ministers which is related to tuition fees.” 

Meanwhile, students say they are determined to continue the protest until their demands are met.