Although the Student Card is an obligation to be realized by the Universities, the Municipality of Tirana and the Education Ministry have again expressed their readiness to assist in fulfilling this requirement.

During a meeting with 20 students starting work experience within the Municipality of Tirana, Mayor Veliaj said more than 40 services will be offered at reduced costs for students.

According to Veliaj, students will also be able to benefit from discounted private services.

“We have set a legal deadline for the University Administrations to establish the Student Card.

“Privileges also come with responsibilities. So, by being a Dean, they should also adhere to the responsibilities of those tasks.

“If they do not do this by the end of the month, we have taken measures that the Municipality, in cooperation with the Education Ministry, will be the first to make the Municipal Student Card.

“Meanwhile, the City Council has already made decisions regarding 40 services, which today are already offered at a lower cost for students,” advised Veliaj.

Regarding the youth support initiative for the three-month internship in this institution, Veliaj said that this opportunity will add value for them in the future.

“I consider this the beginning of a beautiful journey as a team-member within the Municipality of Tirana. 

“Initially, you commence with a few months paid practice and then, of course, to come and work as a full timer or even to move to other government institutions, maybe even the private sector. I hope the city's experience can enrich your career" added Veliaj.

Veliaj concluded by stating, 

"Work experience is useful for familiarizing potential employees with achieving concrete results through work. 

“It also provides insight into the organizational culture of the Municipality of Tirana, and it is also a well known institution that is seen positively on applications for work in both state and private institutions."