You've often heard about the burdensome taxes weighing down on the shoulders of Albanian taxpayers, but did you know that Albanian taxpayers are obliged to pay two parallel administrations because of an illegal dismissal of employees.

The expert from the center for Economic Research, Zef Preçi considers this fact extremely alarming considering more than 100 million Euros are going to pay for these cancellations at a time when the money could be used for investments in the construction of hospitals and schools.

Meanwhile, in the administrative court there is a large number of files threatening the budget to support 3 administrations.

To resolve this issue, which is repeated every time the political power changes, experts demand that the officials who sign the dismissal of employees must take responsibility for each employee.

According to the information from Spending Open Data, in 4 years there are 13,475 transactions from the state treasury as expenditures for the execution of judicial decisions for dismissal.

Among the Ministries, the largest number of transactions occurred in the Ministry of Environment and Tourism with about 466 such transactions, followed by the Ministry of Agriculture with 79, the Ministry of Energy and Transport with 66, the Defense Ministry with 61 and the Ministry of Health with 56 transactions.