The Socialist Party candidate for Tirana Municipality, Erion Veliaj, has promised, if elected for a second term, the construction of a special hall for the purpose of ball-sports such as volleyball and basketball.

During a meeting with the girls of the basketball team "Tirana", recently declared the champions of Albania, Veliaj spoke about the ambition to serve the sport and to encourage young people to participate.

“I believe what we did with the Olympic Park should now be the way all new sport premises should be.

“We have a concept and we will present, in the coming days, the new Palace of Sport.

“Indeed, the Olympic Park is good for these kinds of activities, but if you need to do more mega activities, you will need to have a good Sports Hall, which has capacity for an audience of 4-5 thousand people and underground parking,” said Veliaj.

Veliaj also brought to attention the investments made in this 4 year mandate by the Municipality of Tirana.

“In the Municipality we started to make a revolution, initially opening sport so that it’s not just a monopoly of some groups.

“Today, there are 62 gyms with girls and boys that try not only to be physically fit, but also to learn how to play in a team,” said Erion Veliaj.

The coach of the basketball club team "Tirana", Erdal Borova, praised the trophy won by the girls of Tirana, while the president of the Club, Arbër Kadia said that it is now up to the Municipality of Tirana and other institutions of the country to give the sport greater attention.