The Socialist Party has not taken into consideration President Ilir Meta's proposal to solve the political crisis, as the majority continues the procedures for the dismissal of the President, accusing him of a serious violation of the Constitution.

After the meeting of the mayors, the leader of the socialist party group, Taulant Balla, said that on Monday at the special plenary session at 6p.m., the establishment of the inquiry commission for the dismissal of Ilir Meta will be discussed and will be voted on.

The Majority needs the votes of the new opposition to dismiss the head of state, but apparently the chair of the Democratic group thinks that it is not the right time to launch the investigation when the Constitutional Court is missing.

Sources within the Socialist group said the inquiry commission would consist of 9 members, 5 from the majority and 4 from the other two opposition parliamentary groups.

At the head of the investigations for the head of state will be the chair of the Commission of Laws, Ulsi Manja.

But apart from the objective for Meta’s dismissal, the Socialist Party will include in their analysis also the June 30th votes.

According to the Socialist Party sources, it is learned that Prime Minister Edi Rama has asked the delegates to conduct an analysis at the SP assemblies in each municipality for the results as well as the performance of the new mayors and municipal councils.

At the end of July it is expected that the Socialist Party will gather in the National Assembly in the capital.