The Institute for Crime Studies and Consequences of Communism will only investigate the communist crimes from the period 29 November 1944 until 1990.

The Socialist Party, based on proposal by its MPs, approved the change in the period of study, despite controversy by Agron Tufa and opposition MPs to include the war period between partisans and ballists. MP Tom Doshi was against the decision.

The New Opposition have often voted in unison with the majority, but on the issue of including the war time period, they remain split.

The Socialists withdrew from the demand that the employees of the Institute for Crime Studies and Consequences of Communism be provided with a security certificate as, according to Agron Tufa, this Institute does not handle classified documents.

Meanwhile, Myslim Murrizi demanded a law for the equipment of all MPs with security card be enacted, on the justification that the ‘cleaning’ of former state security in politics and administration has been completed.

At the end of the Commission, Spartak Braho met with Agron Tufa despite numerous accusations and counter-accusations in public between the pair, while, earlier, former MP Bashkim Fino continued to be the Socialist "rebel" in the Law Commission, as he requested an amendment of Article 41 in the Civil Protection Law.

However, this proposal was not taken into account by his colleagues.