The visit of the US Congressional delegation to Tirana has occurred while the country faces a rather dire political situation.

The majority will launch their local election campaign on June 1, while the opposition will hold their next protest under the slogan "Rama must Go" just one day later.

In meetings with state leaders, the delegation of the US Congress, accompanied by US Vice Ambassador Leyla Moses-Ones, sought to resolve the political crisis.

At the meeting with President Meta they stressed the need for immediate reflection from the political class to emerge from the crisis and the implementation of the justice reform under the lines of the Constitution.

The delegation, headed by Mr. Damon Wilson, met with Prime Minister Rama and later headed to the Gramoz Ruçi Assembly headquarters.

During this meeting, the Speaker of Parliament expressed gratitude for US support for the reforms undertaken in our country, particularly that of the judiciary.

Also on the agenda of the United States delegation was a meeting with the DP chair, Lulzim Basha, which was held at his office of the DP headquarters.

Part of the discussions with the Heads of State was also the key role that Albania plays in the region in maintaining the Euro-Atlantic course as the only guarantee for peace and stability in the area.

The President of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Ilir Meta, also met with the delegation.

They discussed the developments and challenges of the region, Albania's priorities in the context of European integration and the necessity for strategic cooperation between Albania and the US.

The main topics of today’s discussions focussed on the internal political developments and the fastest way to resolve the current political crisis.

In addition, conversations also focussed on the implementation of judicial reform based on the Constitution, the necessary steps to be taken towards EU integration and the important role of Albania plays as a key factor for stability in the region.