Rising temperatures, increasing exposure to the sun without protection and the desire to be artificially burnt for cosmetic effect are all contributing to the risk of being affected by melanoma, which is the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

On the global day of awareness against melanoma, dermatologists have treated 13 new cases at the "Mother Teresa" University Medical Center of Tirana, in just one month.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Dermatology Service, Ermira Vasili says, the number of patients being afflicted by the disease is now several times higher than has been seen before.

"Avoid artificial tanning! You should consult specialists," said Ermira Vasili.

Moles and freckles should not be neglected, especially if any changes in shape, size or colour are noted. Persons who notice moles or freckles should consult a dermatologist before heading to the coast.

"Many people believe that myth that moles and freckles are not dangerous. As a result, not enough people seek medical assistance in order to check them," said Ermira Vasili.

Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays without the use of appropriate skin protection is the proven cause of this disease.

In just one year, 400 patients present at the Oncology Service with new cases of skin cancer diseases requiring surgical interventions or radiation treatment.

Melanomas present a fatality risk; though can be treated if caught in its early stages.

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