The Serious Crimes Court has accepted the request of former Interior Minister, Saimir Tahiri, for a shortened trial.

The trial panel has approved this request today, three months after the commencement of the case, paving the way for an accelerated process.

At the opening of the hearing, prosecutors submitted the translated statements of Nazar Seiti, Moisi Habilaj and Meridian Sula to the courts.

Subsequently, with the trial panel having the full content of the file, the prosecution was invited to give their final conclusions and proposals for the measures against the former minister, as well as the Director of Vlora Police.

Representatives of the Accusation Body asked for an additional two weeks, causing a reaction from the former minister.

When leaving the hearing, he said the prosecution has had the materials ready since the commencement of the trial and that the same material was presented to Parliament when the request was made to remove immunity.

The next session was scheduled for the 10th of September.

The Former Minister will be judged together with the former Police Director of Vlora, Jaeld Çela, who was declared “wanted” more than a year ago.

Çela is charged with three counts of trafficking narcotic drugs as a part of a structured criminal group, as well as committing acts within the framework of a structured group.

By accepting a shortened trial, the maximum punishment applicable is reduced by one third.