Fatmir Xhafaj suddenly resigned today from his position as Interior Minister. The surprise news was announced by Prime Minister Edi Rama via a status on Twitter which reads: 

“I accepted the resignation of Minister Fatmir Xhafaj, for whom I thank for his valuable contribution”. 

Following the status update announcing the resignation, Prime Minister Edi Rama issued a follow-up Tweet announcing the appointment of his security advisor to the post formerly held by Fatmir Xhafaj. 

“General Sandër Lleshi will bring new and positive energy as the Head of the Interior Ministry,“ wrote Rama on Twitter.

Initially Xhafaj was not present when expected at the ministry, arriving late for the first time since he took the position nearly a year ago. 

Prior to entering the building of the Ministry, Fatmir Xhafaj was faced with many journalists and cameramen, asking him for a statement as to the reasons for the resignation.

However Xhafaj refused to comment on this issue, only thanking the journalists and quietly stating: “I had a very pleasant morning”. 

It is understood that, before heading in the direction of the Ministry building, Xhafaj enjoyed a nice breakfast with his family members. 

Ora News Journalist Keti Banushi issued this statement live from the Ministry of Interior via direct video link: “The causes for the unexpected resignation are still unclear. By all accounts from the staff here, this resignation is a completely surprise.” 

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