Within 30 days, President Ilir Meta has already overthrown the majority 9 times by decree.

Reconsiderations in the Assembly surrounding: PPPs, concession issues, the Penal Code, privatization of state-owned enterprises, and local self-government have provoked clashes between institutions led by President Meta and Prime Minister Edi Rama's government.

The new regulation, amended by the Socialist Party and supported with votes by the new opposition, has expedited procedures for reviewing the state-level decrees.

At the first meeting of the new parliamentary session, the 9 laws up for reconsideration are automatically included in the Assembly's work calendar, making it easier for the Socialists.

Under the amended article number 86, the responsible committee will prepare a report on the decree within 4 weeks of its submission to the Assembly. It will then be passed on to a plenary session, where it will most likely be overturned.

With the changes made, the time given for the preparation of the report has been halved. As in the annual regulation, the responsible committee had a deadline of 8 weeks.

Members of the Socialist Party have spoken out against the President's act to call them back to the Assembly.

As a consequence of the opposition’s stances, the crisis between Ilir Meta and Edi Rama is expected to deepen. But also in the new political session, the majority will have on its list the name proposed by the President for the chairman of the High State Control, Petraq Milo.

Although there has been no socialist stance on Milo's name yet, we will know as soon as September whether or not there will be a political reprisal by the majority against the President.

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