Although second-tier banks are obliged to use a signalizer or colorant to mark bills during transportation processes, it seems not all of them are adhering to this regulation.

In regards to the cash obtained during the heist at Rinas, the Governor of the Bank of Albania, Gent Sejko, advised that it is known that only some banks apply these rules, while the GPS tracker determines only that the cash arrived safely at the airport.

“To my knowledge some of them were utilizing GPS.

“Of course, the GPS data indicates that the cash arrived at the airport, but cannot provide any further details, since these are post factum events.

“It should be noted that institutions must apply all the legally required measures to ensure that such events are not repeated in the future.

“Such events have not only a financial impact on foreign investors, but also a negative impact on the image of the country,” declared Gent Sejko.

At this stage there is still no trace of the €10 million cash stolen during a heist from Tirana's Rinas Airport.

According to Gent Sejko, such events are costly in the image of the country in terms of both investments and also in regards to the financial capacities of the banks.

At the end of a meeting of the Economics Commission, during which the Bank of Albania's Report for 2018 was presented, Governor Gent Sejko responded to the media's interest in the robbery at Rinas which occurred on the 9th of April.

“The Bank of Albania, as a licensing institution, is responsible for the minimum requirements that banks have for their facilities.

“Regarding the transport of such monetary values, there is an institution of the Ministry of Interior which has also been tasked with strengthening security.

“The last event occurred at the airport premises and not during the transportation itself.

“The measures taken are regulatory changes that we have reinforced and, of course, our direct responsibility is to monitor the implementation of bank security in their premises,” said Sejko.

He added that the banks are well-capitalized and able to cope with financial situations, even from losses or shocks such as this.

These statements by the Governor of the Bank of Albania were made after reporting to the Economics Commission, during which he also pointed out that the current political crisis is detrimental to the economy.