The issue of establishing a possible refugee camp in Albania has been fiercely debated today at the Security Commission, where the opposition claimed it was an EU condition for opening negotiations. 

The Democratic Party refers to an interview of the Deputy Interior Minister for the German media outlet 'ZDF', during which, according to the opposition, the government agreed to host 600,000 refugees. 

However, the Socialists have also provided the answer as to the context of the quotes from the interview.

In a reaction to the media, the Interior Ministry has called Opposition's allegations pure speculation, since, according to them, the Deputy Minister Hodaj was talking about a hypothetical situation.

"The construction of camps for migrants is not a matter under consideration or in question, and nobody has so far requested nor offered such a thing," stated the Interior Ministry in a statement.

The Democrats warned they would change their position on June 29th if a positive decision is not made for our country, warning of a particularly harsh stance to be taken in the Assembly.