Security cameras fitted to every business will serve to assist police in investigating criminal events. This is the position of the Director of Order and Security in the State Police, Altin Qato.

During a meeting of the Security Commission, Qato stated that businesses have a responsibility to ensure that not only cameras are fitted, but that they meet the level of quality outlined in the law.

"High resolution cameras are required. This is because if the camera does not deliver a clear picture, it takes significantly greater time and work by police to ascertain the identity.  

"We have defined in the law that the image from cameras must make it possible to read license plates," explained Qato.

However, according to the SP MP, PaulIN StERkaj, higher quality cameras won't solve crimes, as evidenced by those which have occurred outside banks as, despite them being known as having the best cameras installed, the perpetrators remain at large for many of these cases.

"I do not believe we have outlined a need for a higher quality than cameras installed in banks.

"I do not think it's just the camera that reveals the criminal, but also involvement of physical persons needed.

"Perhaps when a criminal gets away, maybe it's police negligence and not the quality of the camera," declared Sterkaj.

In retaliation to Sterkaj's comments, Qato raised some examples.

"We have cases where we have identified those responsible thanks to footage from cameras.

"There was a case of stealing at a Gas Station in Saranda where, thanks to the cameras, we arrested the perpetrators within 10 hours.

"There are many such cases where cameras have identified those liable for a crime, but you do not mention them," was Qato's retort.

He went on to add that increasing the level of regular patrolling around schools would also serve to better strengthen security measures.

The meeting also saw the opposition continue to accuse the majority of undermining the validity of the Assembly, with MP Myslym Murrizi raising his concern that the acting Police Director does not meet the recruitment criteria for the role.