Durrës is the favoured destination of tourists from Scandinavian countries and Eastern Europe this tourist season.

Vacationers from Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden are numerous these days on the Adriatic coast, with more expected to come.

Four or five star quality hotels along the coastline are almost fully booked for all the months of the season.

Elidon Delilaj is the manager of a hotel with 140 rooms which are all reserved until the end of August.

Seeing the area as good value based on the infrastructure and services offered against prices that are still classified as cheap seems to please foreign tourists, alongside the nature and hospitality of Albanians.

"We came from Finland. It is the first time for us in Albania and we will stay here for two weeks. People are nice and the service is good. We are happy," said one foreign tourist.

There are also tourists who have arrived independently of tour organistations, which allows them to stay longer to truly discover Durrës.

Such is the case for this tourist from Tetovo, who was raised in the United States of America.

"It's the first time for me in Albania. I am here with my fiancé and it's just as good as I expected. I am from Tetovo, but I live in the United States," said the tourist from USA.

It seems that the positive article by international media highlighting the positive changes that are appreciated by the tourists has turned Albania into a much loved holiday destination.

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