German October, which this year is under the motto "Inspired by the People," has brought, Sandra Hoffmann, one of Germany's famous writers, to Albania. 

Unlike many famous names of the world she knew of Albania before the scheduled meetings and as such, she ensured she didn’t miss the opportunity to see our beautiful country, enjoying a 5-day bus ride through several cities.

This was also the "muse" that inspired Hoffmann during conversations, literatures and workshops, where she presented the creative experience and the story of her novel "Paula".

“As many of you visit Germany and it looks nice to you, understand that I view Albania in a similar light, especially after the 5 day journey that I have done. 

“The purpose of the trip was to have close contact with people and to take as many photos as possible. I've managed to meet people, always telling myself, to have good luck, not to worry about the bad. 

“Of course, like anywhere, I have encountered both here, both good and bad,” said Sandra Hoffman.

With courage and tenderness, Sandra Hoffmann tells the story of her grandmother Paula, countering the audience’s silence with her power of speech.

This novel written with courage and gentleness, devoted to "A family, three women, three generations - and a deep silence between them, against which only one thing helps one to confess.”

Sandra Hoffmann is a freelance writer who lives in Munich and teaches creative writing. She has received numerous awards for work.