Reporters Without Borders has welcomed President Ilir Meta's decision to overturn the decision anti-defamation package to parliament for reconsideration.

The law, according to the international organization, is in violation of the Constitution and is seen as a government effort to control the media.

Through a reaction on twitter, the international organization views the law as an attempt by the government to control the media, in violation of the constitution and Human Rights conventions.

The so-called "anti-defamation package", is seen as a government effort to control the media in violation of the Albanian Constitution.

On Sunday, the Head of State returned the anti-defamation package to parliament, arguing it puts the media under control and downplays critical voices.

The law, according to President Meta contains elements of censorship as it conflicts with constitutional principles for the protection of rights and freedom of expression, with the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court and is not in line with the standards of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The Head of State argues that with the adoption of this law, the Albanian Parliament has transcended the limits of constitutional authorization through the powers vested in it by the Audiovisual Media Authority.

The anti-defamation package was approved by parliament on December 18 last year with 80 votes in favor.

The much-debated law was rejected by journalists through a protest and some of the embassies were also criticized.