The Parliamentary Security Committee approved in principle the project resolution on foreign interference in the election campaign and has decided to accept 8 amendments raised by the former Foreign Minister, Ditmir Bushati.

Speaking before the Security Committee responsible for the resolution was Taulant Balla, who repeatedly took care to stress that the initiative was open, by demanding that his socialist colleague's suggestions be taken into account.

In the proposals by the former Foreign Minister, it is also spoken of cyber warfare, which is related to the debate on 5G technology.

The commission decided to set up a working group with representatives from both the majority and the opposition, so that each proposal could be considered and finally be a document agreed upon by all parties.

However, the meeting did not progress without debate between Taulant Balla and the new opposition MPs.

But according to Taulant Balla, who has consistently defended it, the Resolution is indispensable, as Russia is not the only state seeking to intervene in our country's electoral processes.