The chair of the First Instance Administrative Court in Tirana, Eriol Roshi, has been confirmed to duty.

Vetting against Judge Roshi was performed on 3 criteria: that of property, image and professional skill set.

According to the Independent Qualification Commission, based on the information forwarded by ILDKPKI, the judge has made an accurate declaration of his assets, has proven to have sufficient financial resources, has no assets in hiding or a history of issuing false statements.

According to the commission, Roshi owns a 110 square meter apartment worth about 8 million lekë, purchased with loans taken out of the bank.

In 2006, the Commission requested verification from the tax department for the construction of an apartment he commissioned with the income of his parents. 

Commissioner, Valbona Sanxhaktari, said that from the investigations conducted by the Independent Qualification Commission, Mr. Roshi has made declarations of property in accordance with the law, no hiding of property or false statements.

As for the professional skills criterion, Roshi received a positive assessment.

The trial panel at the helm of the commission consisted of Genta Tafa Bungo, Lulzim Hamitaj and Valbona Sanxhaktari.