22 days after the robbery at Rinas airport, the prosecution has officially determined the amount of money received by the thieves from the heist.

In the reports that the banks have sent to the investigative group, the official amount lost is estimated at 6 million Euro, as it is for this value that there is currently no possible trace.

The investigative group hopes to keep track of the banknotes in order to locate the stolen cash should it ever be determined to have re-entered the market.

Also, it is learned that investigators have determined two phone numbers that were allegedly used by the robbers to communicate and co-ordinate the heist.

They were pinged by cellular antennas near the site where the robbery occurred and, according to the verifications, they are registered in the names of two disabled individuals.

The investigative team has focused mainly on detecting the perpetrators and has not yet started interrogating people who may be responsible for airport security, who will be investigated on the separate charge of misappropriating duty.

Until now, regarding this allegation, all the documentation of the company dealing with the security of the Airport has been sequestered.

Police have arrested 6 people and declared several others wanted over the robbery which occurred at Tirana's Rinas Airport on April 9th.

/Ora News.tv/