Work on asphalting the "Lumi i Vlorës" Road has resumed normally, after solving the cramp created shortly before. 

Infrastructure and Energy Minister Damian Gjiknuri and Director of the Albanian Development Fund Benet Beci, inspected the progress of the work today. 

Gjiknuri said that a part ofthe Bypass segment of Vlora-Peshkopi-Gjorm has been asphalted with the entire 23km stretch expected to be completed by the autumn. 

"This is extremely important work for Vlora and for all of Albania. 

"It is a parallel relationship with the Albanian coast and as I was informed by the Director of the Albanian Development Fund, the procedures for the other two segments are straight to completion, meaning that within this year or let's say at the most early next year; work will start on the remaining segments," confirmed Damian Gjiknuri. 

It is expected to take two years for this axis to be fully accessible. Gjiknuri believes that investment in infrastructure will affect the economic development of the area and significantly impact the coastal region. 

"Within two years this road will be fully completed and will have an extraordinary impact for the entire Vlora region and for the coastal area. 

Along with other infrastructural developments in Vlora that the Albanian government are doing, it will create a very good link from the point of view of mobility. This will really bring economic development to the whole area," said Damian Gjiknuri. 

The first segment of the asphalting site is about 23 kilometers long and stretches from the village of Sherishte to the village of Gjorm. 

The second 27 km stretches from Gjorm to Brataj to Ura e Laskos ,while the third segment of 23.7 kilometers continues to Qepar. The last two segments are the latest tendering procedures by the Albanian Development Fund.