The beginning of the week in Fier has found many road segments blocked. The high flow of vehicles heading to the south of the country has stopped movement through the center of Fier, as well as on the eastern and western rings.

Heavy traffic has hit every road axis of Fier today. The inner streets of the city as well as the eastern and western ring of the city were described in the early hours of today's morning as having a high number of vehicles heading toward the south of the country. 

From "Mother Teresa" square to roundabout of Vlora, the queue of vehicles is certainly visible and stretches up to several kilometers. 

The same situation is also observed in the eastern ring of the city where the car flux extends throughout the length of the road from the roundabout of Sheq to the roundabout of Patos. 

Meanwhile, the queue of vehicles is the same on the western ring road of the city, as far as Levan, where the directions of movement for Tepelena are divided. 

This entire road section of nearly 9km has been burdened by traffic thanks to all the holidaymakers' in their vehicles. 

At the same time, in every segment of the road there is a presence of road traffic police officers who are engaged in all measures of traffic management.