The European Commission's report on Albania indicates sexually transmitted diseases continue to be on an upward trend, primarily as a result of the very low use of protective measures.

“Although sexual and reproductive health services are available, the use of condoms continues to be very low.

“This exacerbates the increase in the number of diagnosed sexually transmitted infections, most significantly among women." states the Commission's report.

The report estimates that women are more likely to be diagnosed with these diseases while men, on average, take medical check-ups less frequently and have a limited awareness of their reproductive health needs.

Health specialists show that the trend over the years has remained constant, while underlining that more work needs to be done in schools with sexual education.

“Sexual education exists in the curriculum of education at all ages, but needs to be emphasized even more, and should emphasis the use of condoms.”

“It is the only method that prevents sexually transmitted infections,” said Adela Vasili.

According to data from the Institute of Public Health, Syphilis remains the disease with the highest number reported cases, each year recording about 2.2 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants.

“Those affected are primarily between the ages of 24 to 49 years old, but do not exclude cases from those aged from 15-24”, said Adela Vasili.

Vasili, a medical professional, points out that sexually transmitted diseases are curable but continuous follow-ups and medical examinations should be made.