Since January of this year, the government has not allowed the importation of vehicles more than 10 years from their initial production.

The decision was taken in order to protect the environment, however it is now learned that a requested was made by the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku, to amend the government’s decision.

The importation of vehicles produced more than 10 years ago poses a serious risk to the health of residents in Albania and according to the well-known environmentalist, Sazan Guri, it would be unjust to approve a request over the annulment of the previous decision.

According to him, older vehicles are not composed of the right elements to ensure public health and safety as they emit a high level of toxins.

In Albania, environmental pollution by vehicles is much higher than what is typically allowed in other countries while data shows that, as a consequence of pollution, cases of cancer and diseases have already been on the uprise, notably affecting younger individuals.

Experts say that 50 per cent of the environmental pollution in Albania comes as a result of the toxic emissions released by vehicular gases at the same time when European Union countries are taking all possible measures by promoting the exit from a market consisting of older vehicles.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, who assumed duty just less than a month ago, seems to have decided to allow the importation of older vehicles by proposing an initiative permitting cars produced before the year 2008.