The United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted the first resolution on missing bodies during armed conflicts, including 45,000 registered only during 2018 by the International Red Cross.

The resolution drafted by Kuwait calls on all sides to look for missing persons, to return troops back to their homelands and to keep a tally of those who are missing.

The draft also calls on the parties involved in the conflict to report on arrested or detained persons and allow them to connect with their families.

The International Committee of the Red Cross was mandated in 1949 by the Geneva Convention to address global issues.

The head of this committee, Peter Maurer, said the issue of missing persons during conflict has become very worrying in recent years.

Speaking via video conference from Geneva, he stressed that addressing this issue needs strong political will and cooperation with conflicting parties.

The issue of missing persons has been raised as a concern by Kosovar leaders, who want to engage in talks with Serbia in this regard.

President Thaçi and the Speaker of the Kosovar Parliament, Veseli, have repeatedly asked Serbian authorities to address the concern as soon as possible.