Vlora's coastal development project has again rallied residents of Orikum, Radhima and Dukati.

They have demanded the cessation of the National Territory Inspectorate of Defense action which affects their homes and businesses, warning of a physical collision if their voices are not heard.

Residents want the project to be transparent and demand they be consulted before its implementation.

There are also allegations that the exclusion from the legalization process is being carried out selectively.

“Come on; tell us what's going to happen here! Maybe it will get better and we can accept it, but when know nothing, how can we? The disqualifications have come from ALUIZNI before our right to appeal has reached the legal deadline,” said one resident.

In the first phase of the project, 60 objects in total were demolished.

Meanwhile, the Vlora Municipality presented the Orikum, Radhima and Dukat coastal development project a few days ago, however failed to provide any information as to the exact number of dwellings and businesses affected.

/Ora News.tv/