Cardiovascular diseases rank as the most prevalent in our country.

The data presented by the first report on non-transmissible diseases revealed that 388,000 people suffer from cardiac insufficiency.

This trend has been rising since 2011, with doctors linking this phenomenon to deteriorating lifestyles. The biggest killer remains hypertension.

In just the past year, 3800 new cases were registered in 133,000 people under the age of 40.

The most problematic cities remain Korça and Fieri, while the fewest issues are found the cities of Durrës, Tirana and Vlora.

The Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu, focused on increasing the number of persons who have been going for check-ups, underlining that the mortality rate was down to 13%.

Referring to the data presented by the Public Health Institution report, about 53.6% of deaths come from cardiovascular diseases, while 14% of them arise from cancer.