Just one day after the burning of deputy mandates, former Prime Minister, Sali Berisha, has called upon Socialists to remove Prime Minister Edi Rama from power. He says the situation is moving closer and closer towards a civilian confrontation and the Socialists must remove the prime minister to prevent any escalation. Stating:

“I call on the Socialists to urgently remove Edi Rama and his clique from power as I say, absolutely with the deepest conviction, that hatred against Edi Rama and his regime will become every day more infinite.

“They have to know that I witnessed yesterday as well as on the 16th of February, a hatred I've only seen once in 1990-1991 against dictators and dictatorship.

“I urge the Socialists not to underestimate the situation because the punishment for Edi Rama will be absolute. This is a revolution initiated by students and is now being taken over by the citizens.

Berisha said Edi Rama in power poses a national risk. Stating:

“During each week of ruling, Edi Rama poses a major national risk. He needs to be removed! All the Socialists should expel Edi Rama and remove him from power.

Berisha also has a message for the internationals, urging them to come and monitor the developments in Albania, as he said they were misinformed.

Berisha also responded to the allegations that the opposition is escaping justice by burning their mandates.

While commenting on the video about himself that Rama had sent to diplomats, Berisha said he is heading towards a civil confrontation and the Socialists must remove the Prime Minister immediately. Stating:

“The situation on the social and political level is explosive. This situation is heading towards a civil confrontation and towards a coup d’état."

/Ora News.tv/