Prime Minister Edi Rama sees Lulzim Basha's answer to recent public letters as a good opportunity for dialogue.

In his third written, open letter, the Prime Minister considered the accusations made by the DP chair as half true, before inviting Basha once again for unconditional dialogue.

Rama also reiterated clearly to Basha that he cannot come into power without being elected.

“However, for the sake of the people who rightly expect the leaders of every political party to dialogue, I consider your message as an opportunity to encourage discussion.

“You have no chance of preventing the June 30 elections for those who want to vote.

“There is no chance of changing the government without elections; no chance to stop me and the Socialist Party of Albania from carrying out the historic mission of the European transformation of Albania,” said Edi Rama.

Regarding the accusations in the letter from the Chair of the Democratic Party to the citizens, the Prime Minister informed Basha that they will meet again in the courts to hear the case of defamation.

“For the sake of this open communication between us, let me inform you that I will invite you to the court, and I dare you to bring even a single piece of evidence for all the accusations you have made in your message yesterday.

“Starting from the accusation of the 30 million euro I supposedly wanted to steal and launder in America with a fake company, to my brother's supposed connection with a criminal group of drug traffickers, even my alleged negotiations regarding the borders of Albania and even Kosovo!” added Rama.

Yesterday, Lulzim Basha issued an open letter to the public requesting Edi Rama's resignation from the post of Prime Minister, but Rama explains in his response that hearing such demands only motivates him more to be an even stronger leader for the country.