International agreements will force Prime Minister Edi Rama to exercise the post of Foreign Minister, as the President of the Republic will not allow the transfer of duties to Gent Cakaj.

Former President of the Republic, Bujar Nishani, accuses Edi Rama of introducing a new type of Albanian diplomacy that is bound to collapse through his violation of the Constitution.

According to Nishani, when it comes time for the Prime Minister to sit down with the Greek Party to discuss the Maritime Pact, he ought to appear before the Albanian public and revoke the post he conferred upon Gent Cakaj.

Regarding the non-decree of Gent Cakaj by Ilir Meta, the former Head of State says it will be the Constitutional Court to decide whether or not the President of the Republic has such authority.

As for the lack of Gent Cakaj's security certificates during his time as Deputy Minister, Nishani suggests it is not enough just have a parliamentary investigation, but proposes a criminal investigation to bring Gent Cakaj to justice.