Edi Rama will not surrender despite the refusal for dialogue by DP chair, Lulzim Basha.

Not yet 24 hours after the public letter was published, addressed to the opposition leader and calling for dialogue, the Prime Minister has again addressed a second letter to him, calling on him to be reasonable and to accept the invitation for unconditional talks at any hour of the day.

“The election campaign officially starts on May 31 and the remaining days must be used for political dialogue, not with threats of violence that not only dishonors you, but dishonors our country, and all the citizens, too.

“Come to dialogue to justify ourselves as people of great responsibility and to face our great divergences, with the force of reason, before the inertia of the wrong path that you have received has been degenerated into political irrelevance,” was the message directed Rama to Basha.

In the letter, the Prime Minister makes clear to Basha that he is not worried about the fate of the Democratic Party, but about the damage that is being done to Albania at such a crucial moment as the decision to open negotiations.

“At all, the complete collapse of your group that you are leading is a good prodigy for this country and for the future of the irreplaceable institution, but this moment of special importance for Albania imposes me reqiest that you please change your mind!

“Albania has no time to lose for the wrong political accounts and the anti-democratic adventures of anyone,” said Rama.

At the end of the public letter, Rama had a response also for President Meta, which guaranteed that Justice Reform and the June 30 elections are two processes that will not be prevented, despite the dissatisfaction of some politicians.

The reaction of the Head of Government has sparked reactions from the blue headquarters.

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