The government will seek in parliament the adoption of a special law that will include judges and prosecutors dismissed from the vetting.

At the weekly co-governance meeting, he stressed that the “Catch What They Can Catch” criminal group would be fought.

“It is difficult today to think about going to court to solve the problem. Many of them are in the system and they know for themselves that they will not pass the Vetting filter.

“It is the most dangerous criminal organization operating in Albania today.

“We are getting ready. In parallel to a special law to bring the fight against organized crime to the highest level; we are going to bring to the Parliament special measures against “Catch What They Can Catch” members.

“Sooner or later, the results of a frontal offensive that the government will undertake against both organized crime and the KCC will be seen in practice,” said Prime Minister Rama.

Investments in tourist areas will go through government verification, as the Prime Minister Edi Rama says criminal groups aim to launder money.

Another measure of government is the elimination of unnecessary bureaucracies.

The Prime Minister also underlined that many applications that previously required documents will soon be completed online.