The opposition continues to protest outside of parliament advocating snap parliamentary elections and Edi Rama’s removal from government; however the question still remains whether opposition members will take part in the upcoming June 30th elections.

Unlike the Democratic Party and the Socialist Movement for Integration, the Prime Minister, Edi Rama, continues his electoral meetings to persuade citizens to vote for the Socialist Party at the ballot box.

Along with the Socialist candidate, Pjerin Ndreu, for the Municipality of Lezha, Edi Rama sought support from Torovica residents.

Irony would characterize this meeting as the Prime Minister went face to face with many of the voters who voted for the opposition.

Prime Minister Rama outlined the workings on the Torovica road, which he promised would be ready by the end of the year while also announcing the launch of new construction projects between Shëngjin and Velipojë, and Milot and Balldre.