Prime Minister Edi Rama has spoken again about the construction of the Outer Ring Road from Libofsha of Fier.

Considering it to be a conflict for political ends, he explained that it is impossible to intervene in the Law to legalize premises affected by the project.

“The process of legalization has been closed, but there are buildings that the Law stops from being legalized.

“It is impossible to intervene in the Code of Law to legalize the area of the former station which belongs to the entire community or to legalize a garden which should be returned to the community.

“But I do have consideration for these people. That is why we will offer those affected, and left without shelter, with rental assistance. 

“I cannot legalize you in the areas where you have occupied common space, or where there are plans to build kindergartens, schools or roads,” expressed Edi Rama.

“You cannot coerce the state to legalize your illegal dwellings and to give the money as if you were the owner, because it means that all the other citizens have to work for years to pay off the taxes for those who have illegitimate properties.

“Many citizens in Albania do not have their own home. They pay their rent when its due with their own incomes.

“Yet at the same time, they will be assisting through taxes to cover rent for these citizens who do not legally own the home they have built for themselves for a period of three years.

“This problematic situation that has been around for a long time and it has increasingly been mired in lies, slander and misinformation.

“The destruction of illegal properties started at “Rinia” park, then Lana and now has grown throughout all of Albania. Every Municipality has had to demolish certain areas, but this is the first time the Opposition has protested for something prohibited by law. 

“The reason the protests are occurring today is not to protect homes, *but to protect political interests!" concluded Edi Rama.