Prime Minister Edi Rama believes it was the opposition that supplied the German newspaper ‘Bild’ with material from file 339, whose publications seem to suggest that the Socialist Party is acquainted with drug gang members.

In a conversation with residents of Unit 10, Edi Rama accuses Sali Berisha of being the man throwing mud on Albania outside its borders.

“They damage Albania by paying for articles to be published everywhere. All countries have an opposition, but no country is as misfortunate as we are as to have Sali Berisha,” retorted Prime Minister Edi Rama.

A few hours before the 8th national opposition protest, the Head of the Government reiterated that the elections will be held on June 30.

“We will definitely have elections. This is sure," declared Rama.

Even Tirana Mayor's, Erion Veliaj, said that such a situation, where the opposition does not want elections, has not occurred in any other country of the world.

“In every country of the world, the opposition cannot wait to approach elections, but here it is the opposite,” said Veliaj.

Regarding the situation in Albania, Prime Minister Edi Rama gave an interview for the Italian magazine "Oggi".

During the interview he states, among other things, that the European Union is the only opportunity for Albania to find peace and the greatest political program that our country has imagined.

Rama concluded by saying that, despite Albania being rumored to be the number one country where organized crime reigns supreme, the finger should instead be pointed towards Italy in this regard.