The co-governance platform has not been completely successful as, according to Prime Minister Edi Rama, responses from the local government sector via this portal are almost non-existent.

The Head of the Government, during a meeting with platform coordinators, warned mayors that he will publish the names of those who do not respond to citizens' complaints.

"I call on all mayors, without distinction, but especially those of the opposition side, to take the measures and to answer the concerns raised via the platform, because we will call them by both name and surname, highlighting every case raised by citizens," said Edi Rama. 

Property registration continues to be problematic, with more and more citizens raising issues with institutions, but without receiving solutions.

The head of the government indicated that, following citizen complaints, the Head of Fier's property registration office has been dismissed from office, and that administrative investigations have begun for the Office in Kavaja.

"When I saw this report today, I demanded the dismissal of the Property Registration Director and a deepening of the administrative investigation for all those responsible for this kind of scheme," said Edi Rama.

By the end of September, ALUIZNI and the property registration offices should provide solutions to all overdue complaints and legalizations. Rama added that, very soon, these two institutions will be merged.

"All claims, overdue complaints and remaining legalization permissions must be fulfilled. Those who deliver on these objectives will be honored and respected. Those who do not meet will be asked to leave their post," said Edi Rama.

About 17,000 complaints were registered on the local government portal and, as of August 31, 16,000 cases have been answered, while a further 1 thousand are in the process of re-evaluation.