Prime Minister Edi Rama has once again explained to the skeptics in the European Union why the integration process is so important for Albania.

Edi Rama, from the “Western Balkans Economic Forum” in London, explained to leaders of the region that the Albanian people would love the EU even more than the union countries themselves. Stating:

“The integration process for us is an institutional process to connect to the future, as for Albanians it is a guarantee that the country needs to have confidence in the institutions.

“We will move forward despite the hypocrisy and double standards of the EU countries. Albanian optimism is higher than that of Zoran Zaev. The militants in Albania are more European than the Marie le Pen voters in France.”

Moreover, Rama urged foreign investors not to be influenced by opposition protests, as Albania remains a safe country.

He stated: “Protests can be considered part of our tour package as they eventually transition into festivities by 8 o’clock at night.

“So, if you want to participate in the protest you can book your tour package. The protest are not everywhere, just along the Main Boulevard where they throw their Molotov cocktails. Come to Albania and invest.”

But protests have also followed the Prime Minister to London. The branch of the Democratic Party in the British capital, supported by Albanians who live and work there, followed the prime minister with banners in their hands while shouting ‘Rama Must Go’.