Even on the weekends the Blue Headquarters continue to accuse the government and its State Institutions of corruption regarding the “Babale” issue.

Edmond Spaho has accused the government, the prosecution, the state police and the State Intelligence Service of collaborating in the fabrication of witness statements over Fredi Alizoti. He stated:

“One week after the publication of this mafia scandal, every Albanian understands that Edi Rama himself and his closest political associates are directly involved.

“It is Edi Rama's involvement in this mafia affair that serves as the real reason why a week after the official wiretapping publication he has not found the courage to distance himself and to condemn this mafia act or seek punishment for anyone involved.

“It is the direct involvement of the General Director of State Police, under the former Interior Minister, Fatmir Xhafaj, and the leader of the parliamentary group for the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla, which serves as another reason why not a single one of them has distanced themselves and condemned this act.”

Spaho said that Prime Minister Rama has replaced the Rule of Law with a criminal system. The proof of this cooperation, according to him, are the new appointments in the Fier police department.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party has continued to garner the support of citizens to remove Edi Rama as soon as possible from government and to re-establish the rule of law.


/Ora News.tv/