Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama was interviewed today by the Italian media outlet 'Il Messaggero', during which he stated that the Albanian people support him and that, after the protests involving Tirana, stand by the current government.

“This cannot be called a popular protest. Here we have neither yellow vests, nor students, trade unions or social centers. 

“This is a protest organized by a government ousted five years ago, which the people removed from government with their 1 million votes.

“What surprises me more is the fact that the Italian Media has applied so much importance to the opposition's protest, despite the organisers encouraging violence,” expressed Edi Rama.

“The Italians must know that we have the local elections looming and that the opposition is far behind in the polls. I know the opposition will lose and that's why they demand for me to resign,” said Rama.

Regarding the Police measures taken today, Prime Minister Rama told 'Il Messagero' that he does not give orders to them as he is not the head of the police nor the Interior Minister.

According to him, the Albanian Police were shocked by Saturday’s protest. He reiterated that no protesters were injured, unlike similar protests in 2011 when 4 people were killed.

Speaking about accusations of vote buying in the last election, Edi Rama stayed that the OSCE legitimized that the election was held according to international standards and the opposition never opposed the result until October, when their race for the head of government began. 

"The Albanian opposition has no chance of winning with Lulzim Basha,” Edi Rama concluded.