The Democratic Party have demanded that snap elections with the argument that, on October 18, Brussels rejected Edi Rama and NOT Albania!

The opposition leader, Lulzim Basha, advised Prime Minister Edi Rama to follow the example of his North Macedonian counterpart and give the mandate to Albanian citizens to move the country towards the EU.

According to the Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, the government's failures are the cause. In a statement to the media, the opposition leader noted that the problems were reflected in the conditions set by the Bundestag.

“The difficult economic situation, the lack of opportunities resulting from the seizure of institutions and the inequality of citizens before the law have forced Albanians to flee as asylum seekers. Crime and corruption are a concern for the European Union countries.

“The punishment of buying votes, operating the High Courts of the country and the bringing to justice of incriminated and corrupted officials at high levels are the non-negotiable demands for opening negotiations.

“These are problems of the European Union, not simply propaganda as the current Prime Minister states. There are problems with his government,” asserted Basha.

According to Basha, the EU member states had no conditions for North Macedonia, but after rejecting negotiations, Prime Minister Zaev called for new elections.

“The situation for North Macedonia is quite different. No conditions for this country and a nearly unanimous support for the opening of negotiations.

“However, Prime Minister Zaev submitted his resignation, restored his mandate to the citizens and the country will go to snap parliamentary elections.

“On the other hand, our government, which has been rejected by the European countries, continues to refuse to give up power despite the detriment to the Albanian people. We have only one path to the future and this is the European path,” declared Basha.

But even after consulting with members of the SP executive, Prime Minister Edi Rama has no intention of stopping the work of his government, but instead will continue lobbying meetings with skeptical countries, such as a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Not only will they not be bringing the country to snap elections, but the Socialist Rama is determined to adopt electoral reform by implementing the OSCE/ODIHR recommendations by the end of December with or without the DP.

The mandate of the Electoral Reform Commission ends on November 28, but the SP has proposed two phases, the first being the ODIHR recommendations, and the second focusing on a possible system change and inclusion of emigrant votes in the 2020 elections.