The strained relationship between the Socialist Party leader Edi Rama and former Minister Ditmir Bushati continues to worsen.

After the head of government during the National Assembly decided to remove Bushati from the political leadership of the  Shkodra District, the Socialist Party MP boycotted Edi Rama's meeting with the new MPs and mayors of the Northern region.

But the absence of Bushati did not prevent the Prime Minister from determining the tasks and objectives of the local elected districts of Shkodra, Lezha, Dibra and Kukës.

During the Socialist Party headquarters meeting, we now have learned that the Prime Minister has requested that by May 15th, all the Municipal Councils and mayors should be constituted.

After that, the latter should prepare an organizational chart of municipalities and the budget plans before the month of September.

August will be a busy month for the new socialist mayors as they prepare themselves for the impending work in their respective local governments.

The warning issued in the National Assembly by Prime Minister Rama called for efficiency by the new elected mayors in the governing of municipalities.

He even ordered a vetting process for every employee in the municipal administration and an in-depth analysis of the services in local institutions.

It is reported that the Prime Minister has been critical of the work carried out in the administration and has therefore left a deadline of September and October for the regional directors; otherwise they will be removed.

In the summer analysis, it provides that the mayors and political leaders of the districts must evaluate the contribution of the institutional leaders in relation to Socialist Party objectives.

Upon completion of these actions, the Socialist Party will enter into the election process to vote for their new leaders.