Political leaders continue to be in diametrically opposite attitudes.

DP chair, Lulzim Basha reiterated today that he will not sit at a table with Edi Rama as long as he is in charge of the government.

According to the opposition chair, Prime Minister Edi Rama is trying to hold a coup d’état on 30 June.

At a conference with journalists called today, Basha said citizens should give up any illusion that there will be an alternative solution, stating that the only way to stop what he calls a coup is to unite the population.

When questioned if he had asked the president to dissolve the parliament, he replied:

“I have not, and I ask for nothing from the President of the Republic. This is because I do not believe that the resolution to this crisis can come from actions taken by the President of the Republic.

“Edi Rama has said he does not care about the Constitution, the Courts, the Justice system, or about our international friends. Because he is a man caught in crime and captured by crime.

“Therefore, the only force that can stop the ultimate collapse of this society under the tyranny of crime and corruption with its antagonist leader, Edi Rama, is with a united force,” said Basha.

He referred to today's session in the Assembly, and the initiative the majority is discussing in the Assembly, as theatrical performance, aimed at drawing attention away from the coup Rama is planning for June 30.

“June 30 is officially no longer a constitutional election date. From a political point of view, to continue to hold these elections constitutes a coup d’état. I invite you, in these difficult moments, to distinguish the theater of propaganda.

“The way to win the ultimate battle, to not allow narcotics to triumph over democracy through a coup d’état, is to be unstoppable,” concluded Basha.

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